Techniques to increase sales in supermarkets

Supermarketlərdə satışı artırmaq üsulları

To increase sales in supermarkets, you need to pay attention to some subtle points. A simple manufacturer may not pay attention to these points. However, the sales and marketing managers of the market must know these methods. These methods are used both in our country and in the world.

The charm of red

Supermarkets use red colour more when building their marketing strategies. Because the warning effect of the red colour is strong. Red colour awakens hunger, desire to eat, intimate feelings and lust. Red-colored bags and packages have a serious impact on people’s purchasing decisions. Advertising banners decorated with red colour are designed to affect the feelings of customers.

Large shopping baskets

Large shopping baskets should always be used in supermarkets. Because the bigger the basket, the more the customer will buy. Not filling the cart creates an incompleteness complex in customers. For this reason, people fill the basket as much as possible to overcome that complex. They tend to see those baskets full.

An atmosphere of naturalness in the fruit and vegetable section

It is very important to design the fruit and vegetable section of supermarkets with wood, not composite materials. Counters made of raw wood create a rural atmosphere in the eyes of customers. A person entering this aura feels as if he is shopping directly from the village. This does not affect the increase in sales.

In addition, frequent spraying of water on the products is also beneficial. Because the water drops that appear on the fruit or vegetable and look like dew create an image of freshness and freshness.

Sorting expensive and cheap products

In supermarkets, cheap products are usually located on the lower shelves of the counters. Expensive products are placed at the same height as the human eye. This is done to ensure better eye contact. If the aisle where expensive products are located is narrow, the probability of customers seeing and buying that product increases.

In addition, products that are not cheap can be placed in the campaign basket. Those baskets should be placed at the end of the corridor so that those who hesitate to buy or not can make their decision at the last moment.

Luxury and expensive products should be placed on special counters in the most attractive section of the market. Making these counters even more attractive with special lighting does not affect sales. Products placed on counters with a beautiful designs arouse the desire to buy in the customer.

Meat and fish products

White colour should be used in the design of sections with meat and fish products. The counters of these units should be mirrored, and the floors should be white. This method makes products look fresher, more hygienic and attractive.

Grocery counters

Groceries can be placed next to cash registers. This method will prevent the customer from getting bored while waiting for his turn at the cash register, and will also increase sales.

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